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Purium  www.ishoppurium.com is organic, raw, vegan, and non-gmo. The company is environmentally conscious with biodegradable packaging. They have collaboratives with farms around the country to grow their high quality produce. They have a new product called Biome Medic that removes up to 70% of glyphosate from the body within 40 days.
Which brings me to the 10 and 40 Day Transformations I’m running. They are self paced so you can start when you are ready.  I am always available to answer questions and offer support. Here’s a link to the choices. Order your 10 Day or 40 Day Transformation and use “lauraely” for your gift code and save $50.00.  https://ishoppurium.com/collections/purium-bundles
If you aren’t ready for a 10 or 40 Day Transformation, consider adding the Core 4 Nutrition to your daily regimen (which includes the Biome Medic). https://ishoppurium.com/products/core-4?variant=1481348120597 and remember to use  “lauraely” for your gift code and save $50.00.
Order optimal nutrient dense food products and high quality CBD from Purium. Use gift code: lauraely to save $$ PM with questions! I’ve been using Purium products for years and love them! http://www.ishoppurium.com http://www.puriumcbd.com gift code: lauraely #organic #plantpower #food #meals #nongmo
Purium also offers a high quality CBD Oil. https://store.puriumcbd.com/
and remember to use  “lauraely” for your gift code and save $50.00.
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