As a transformational health coach, people come to me because they want to make a change in their life – to be healthier, feel great, sleep better, have more energy and greater sense of well being and better mental clarity. Most people who come to me remember a time in their lives when they felt their best. Yet, over time things have fallen out of balance or situations have changed and they have noticed that they don’t feel that great anymore. They want to get back to that great feeling – that look, that sparkle that illuminates their soul (or a room). They don’t know how they lost it, when it happened, or how to get it back. Maybe they have an idea on how to get it back but feel resistance or stuck in taking the first steps. They don’t have the ‘ummph to get moving’ in the right direction. If this is you – you’re not alone. These programs will help you get “it” back and give you the tools you need to keep “it”.

As a certified transformational health coach, I help people change the un-healthy habits that stand in their way of reaching their goals without deprivation and sacrifice.

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My experience with Laura Ely and health counseling was life changing.  Before working with Laura, I didn’t pay much attention to what I ate, or why I ate it or how the food I ate affected my day to day existence. Since completing the program I am much more aware and conscious of not only how food affects my life, but how all aspects of my life influence each other.  The follow up meetings were invaluable in helping to understand my motivation and to keep me on the positive track.  Laura’s understanding ear and expertise is a marvelous combination and helped me succeed and feel confident in my choices, not only with food but in all aspects of my life. I know I would not have exposed myself to some of the wonderful food choices that now are part of my regular grocery plan without Laura’s encouragement. Not only has my life changed, but my family’s eating habits and attitude toward food has been altered drastically in a positive manner. I highly recommend the program to anyone who is seeking to eat and feel better.


Working with Laura was a great experience. Laura’s light and easy-going style, combined with her knowledge and skill helped me focus on supporting myself with diet and lifestyle through a significant health challenge. She is very informative and supportive and I loved the recipes!   Self-care is one of my weak points and Laura’s ability to be relaxed and still directive made it fun to find the stick-to-it-ness that I needed.  I recommend Laura highly!